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Cat advice

We’ve written some handy cat advice guides to help you unlock the secrets of your mysterious moggy.

Popular advice articles

Kitten sat by a litter tray

How to litter train a kitten

Litter training is a crucial part of cat ownership, and ensures good hygiene in the home. But where do you start teaching your cat how to use a litter box?

Cat scratching furniture

Four ways to stop a cat biting and scratching

Does your cat bite and scratch you or the furniture in your home? These tips will help you to understand their behaviour and prevent it from happening.

Cat eating grass

Why do cats eat grass?

Have you ever caught your kitty chowing down on your lawn? Don't worry, it's perfectly normal, in fact it could even be good for their health!

Advice topics

Lady cuddling a cat

Cat owner checklist

First time cat owner? Check out our cat owner checklist to see the essential steps and preparation needed for your new arrival.

Cat being cradled

Buying a cat

Getting a cat is a big but exciting commitment and there's a lot to consider before you get one.

Cat sat on a laptop

Cat breed guide

Find out about the characteristics and behaviours of your cat's breed.

Grey and white cat

Cat health guide

Here you’ll find all things healthcare, from dental tips to information on pest protection as well as a breed’s most common health problems.

Cat sat on a man's shoulder

Cat maintenance and safety

We cover the more general cat care bits that are essential to keeping our feline friends happy and healthy.

Cat next to a scratching post

Cat training and behaviour

We look at the ‘how’ and ‘why’ on all things training and offer some information on common cat behaviour.

Missing cat poster on a tree

Cat loss or death

Our cats have such a big impact on our lives, we hope to provide information, support and comfort to those struggling with the loss of a pet.

Kitten being examined by a vet

Vet fees for cats

Whilst we hope nothing will happen to our cute kitties, do you know how much it could cost if something goes wrong?

Kitten eating out of a bowl

Cat food and diet

Age, breed and existing health conditions are all things that decide a cat’s food and nutritional needs, is your cat getting the right balance?