Cat training and behaviour

While our felines can be quite aloof beings, that doesn’t mean they can still be trained like their canine counterparts.

Cats & sleep

Discover why cats sleep so much, how sleep can indicate health conditions, and how much sleep is normal for the age of your cat

What should I do if my cat becomes aggressive?

There are many reasons why cats become aggressive. Learn how to assess the cause, so you can identify the solution

The secret language of cats

Ever wondered what your cat is trying to tell you? Learn what different miaows mean, and what your cat is trying to communicate

A guide to introducing two cats

Check our step-by-step process to introducing cats - matchmaking, choosing locations, scent preparation and finally meeting

Why you should never punish your cat

Punishing your cat is counter-productive and may make the situation worse - discover the actions you should take instead

No more sleepless nights with a new cat

Our guide to help you settle in your new feline friend and find the best way to help your cat get the sleep they need.

Cat eating grass

Why do cats eat grass?

Have you ever caught your kitty chowing down on your lawn? Don't worry, it's perfectly normal, in fact it could even be good for their health!

Kitten sat by a litter tray

How to litter train a kitten

Litter training is a crucial part of cat ownership, and ensures good hygiene in the home. But where do you start teaching your cat how to use a litter box?

Cat scratching furniture

Four ways to stop a cat biting and scratching

Does your cat bite and scratch you or the furniture in your home? These tips will help you to understand their behaviour and prevent it from happening.

Picture of a cat

Why do cats press their head against the wall?

Have you noticed that your cat is pressing their head against the wall? Look out for these symptoms and contact your vet.