Cat training and behaviour

While our felines can be quite aloof beings, that doesn’t mean they can still be trained like their canine counterparts.

Positive reinforcement training for cats

Explore the benefits of positive reinforcement and learn how to apply reward-based techniques to your cat's training journey.

Cat carrier training

Learn how to help your feline friend feel comfortable in a cat carrier.

Cat behaviour - body touches

Learn how to gently train your cat to get used to body touches and help make vet appointments less stressful.

Why your cat wags their tail: Four reasons explained

We explore why cats wag their tails and what it might mean at different times of day! 

How to tell if your cat is happy

Some key signs to help you determine whether your cat is content and thriving in their environment. 

Why your cat is scratching furniture (and how to stop it)

Reasons why our cats scratch furniture, tips to prevent them from doing so, and what to do if they won't stop.

Is your cat following you everywhere? Here's why

Find out why your feline friend might be following you everywhere.

Why do cats start to poop in the garden?

Understanding why our feline friends ‘go’ in the garden makes it easier to manage their mess.

What smells do cats hate?

Cats communicate through their sense of smell, so it’s not surprising that cats have a super sensitive nose!

Why cats might sleep more in winter

Here’s all you need to know about what’s normal when it comes to cat naps and wintertime blues.