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Pet tools and resources

We believe that keeping our pets happy is a lot easier with a little help. 


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Vet support. Anytime, anywhere

Whatever your worry, speak face-to-face with a vet on your mobile device for free, any hour of the day, 365 days of the year through the Joii app.

As an Animal Friends customer, you’ll also have access to:

  • Preventative care for your dog or cat
  • Symptom checker for pets
  • Support when you need it most.
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Pet help and advice

Stay one step ahead of your pet's health with our top tips and expert advice so you can keep planning for more exciting times together.

From microchipping, help with new additions, expert first aid skills and help with rehoming a pet, you’ll find the information you need as we support you through the good and the tough times.

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Making insurance easier

We know that pet insurance can be a minefield, and it can be hard to know where to start especially as you want what’s best for your pet. With our jargon-buster, we hope we can provide pet owners everywhere with clear cover for a confident future.

The Great Outpaws

We want to help keep your pet safe at home and while they’re out and about exploring the world around them.

From dealing with fleas and ticks to keeping your pet hydrated – why not take a look at our collection of useful articles offering expert tips and advice on all things outdoors.

Pet obesity

According to, vets estimate that nearly half of the dogs in the UK are overweight with cats not too far behind their canine counterparts.

Here at Animal Friends, we aim to help owners understand the dangers of obesity and learn how to keep their pets healthy and happy.