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Standard horse insurance

Cover for horses aged 30 days to 20 years.

Cover to help with vet fees

Our Standard Horse insurance policy provides cover for veterinary fees and / or complementary treatment for accidents, illnesses and conditions for horses aged between 30 days and 20 years.

  • Your horse will be covered for 12 months after the condition is first noticed by yourself or your vet, so this could mean when symptoms first appear or when an accident happens.
  • You can choose cover up to £2,000, £4,000 or £6,000 per condition. An excess of either £250 or £500 is payable for each condition where the treatment dates fall within different policy years.
  • The benefit limit is applied separately to every unrelated injury, illness or condition claimed for.

Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered, unless they have been treatment and symptom free for more than two years.

We consider a condition to be pre-existing if your horse showed any signs or symptoms of it before your cover start date or within the waiting period of the policy, whether they needed treatment previously or not.

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Optional additional benefits

In addition to veterinary fees cover, our Standard Horse policy also allows you to customise your cover with a range of optional additional benefits to suit your needs and your budget.

We’ll cover the market value or the amount of cover you choose, whichever is less. You can choose up to £6,000 of cover.

We’ll cover some of the cost of finding your horse if they’re stolen or go missing. For example, we’ll cover either 15% of the cover amount you choose or £300 – whichever is less – towards the cost of advertising and a reward.

If your horse needs to be rescued, we’ll pay up to £1,000 to the registered organisation that carries out the rescue.

We won’t cover claims if your horse goes missing or is stolen in the first 14 days of your policy.

We realise that your horse passing away can be an extremely difficult time, so we’ll help you manage your policy and any claims as fast as possible.

If your horse dies or is put to sleep, we’ll cover their market value or the amount of cover you choose, whichever is less. You can choose up to £6,000 of cover. The illness must have first started, or the accident happened, no more than 12 months before they died.

We’ll also cover up to £200 to remove and dispose of your horse’s body if they die in a way covered by this policy. For example, you won’t be covered if your horse dies in a hunting accident.

If your horse is covered for more than £4000 for vet fees, we require a 5 stage vetting certificate.

We don’t provide cover if your horse dies within the first 2 days of your policy start date.

There might be a time when someone holds you responsible for an incident involving your horse. For example, your horse’s actions might result in someone being killed, getting injured or having their property damaged. If someone makes a legal claim against you due to an incident involving your horse, we’ll cover your legal costs. If we’re settling a legal claim, we’ll also pay compensation and legal costs for the person making the claim.

You must follow advice given to you about your horse’s behaviour by their past owners, rehoming or rescue centre staff, vets, behaviour specialists or the authorities. If you don’t follow their advice, and that leads to a legal claim, we won’t be able to cover the claim.

If you choose this benefit you will have cover for up to £2million.

Please read the policy booklet for full details of what is included and what is not included.

We’ll pay up to the amount of cover chosen to repair or replace your horse trailer if it’s stolen or damaged. We’ll pay either the amount you paid or how much it was worth at the time of the incident, whichever is lower.

If your trailer is damaged in an accident or by vandalism, we’ll decide whether to repair or replace it. We may send someone to check the damage before we make a decision.

You must make sure your horse trailer is well maintained and in good condition. You must also keep it secure using a wheel clamp or tow hitch lock, or by keeping it in a locked building. We won’t be able to pay your claim if you don’t.

You can choose cover up to £1,500, £3,000 or £5,000.

We won’t cover claims if your horse trailer is stolen or damaged in the first 14 days of your policy.

If your saddlery and tack is stolen or damaged, we’ll cover some of the cost of repairing or replacing it up to the amount of cover chosen. The amount we pay will depend on how old the equipment was when it was stolen or damaged. If it’s less than 3 years old, we’ll cover the full amount you paid for it, and after this we’ll pay a percentage.

You must have a receipt for anything worth over £350, so please make sure to keep them safe. If you don’t own an item, you must be able to prove you’re responsible for it by showing us a contract.

You can choose cover up to £1,500, £3,000 or £5,000.

We won’t cover claims if your saddlery or tack is stolen or damaged in the first 14 days of your policy.

If you take out the loss of use benefit, you'll get to cover your horse up to the amount you choose for hacking as well as a second activity. We’ll cover you if your horse develops a condition that means they’re permanently, physically unable to do those activities. If your horse is unable to do one activity but not the other, we'll only pay half the cover amount.

You can choose up to £6,000 of cover.

We’ll pay either the amount of cover you choose or their market value before they developed the condition, whichever is lower. When we say market value, we mean the cost of buying a horse of the same breed, age, condition and ability.

We’ll provide cover if someone is injured or killed in an accident while riding your horse in the UK. We’ll only cover injuries to riders you’ve named in your policy– so make sure to tell us the details of anyone riding your horse regularly. Please read the Standard Horse policy booklet for details on how much cover we provide.

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