Illustration of a dog that's had an accident

Accident Only dog insurance

Covers vet fees for injuries arising from accidents.

What our Accident Only policy covers

Our Accident Only policy aims to protect your dog if they have an accident. It doesn’t cover you for any illnesses or diseases they might have.

If your dog has an accident, the policy offers £2,500 per year towards the cost of treating their injuries resulting from that accident. The £2,500 limit applies to each accident your dog might have, and there’s no limit to the number of accidents you can claim for.

So even if your dog is particularly accident prone, your policy should still protect them.

Each accident also has a lifetime limit of £15,000 – as long as you renew your policy. So you can keep making claims over multiple years of continuous cover if your dog needs long-term treatment for their injuries – as long as you don’t go over the £2,500 annual limit.

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Did you know...

All our dog policies give you free vet video consults 24/7/365 through the Joii app. 

Cover amount

Select a policy below to see all cover limits, excess and additional benefits. Not sure how much cover you need? Find out the cost of vet fees.

Cover amount

  • Lifetime condition limit: £15,000
  • Annual condition limit: £2,500
  • Annual policy limit: N/A
  • Vet excess: £69, £99, £159, £199 or £249

  • Co-payment: 20% after age 8

Additional benefits

If your dog injures someone or damages their property. x If your dog causes accidental damage in someone else's home. x
If your dog dies or is put to sleep. x Advertising and reward. x
If you need to cancel or cut short a holiday because your dog needs urgent medical care. x If you can’t look after your dog because you’re in hospital. x
If your dog goes missing or is stolen. x If your dog needs urgent medical care abroad. x
Transport costs if your dog needs treatment at another vet or hospital. x A dog walker or pet minder, because you’re in hospital. x
Cremation or burial x


Pet insurance premiums increase as your pet gets older, as the chance of your pet becoming ill increases. Excesses apply to all our policies and a co-payment is currently payable on claims if you renew your policy after your dog turns 8 years old.

Dog being treated by a vet

Has your dog been to the vet for anything other than routine vaccinations?

If your dog has been unwell or was injured before, this is known as a pre-existing condition. Pre-existing conditions aren't covered by our policies.

We consider a condition to be pre-existing if it was first noticed before your policy start date or within the waiting period, whether your pet needed treatment previously or not. 

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How much cover do you need?

According to the Association of British Insurers, the average vet claim was £848 in 2021.

Knowing how much your dog could cost is important so you’re prepared with the right type of policy and we’re here to help with cover up to £18,000 in a year.

Accident Only policy customer reviews

"Super friendly staff on the phone. Didn't have a clue what I had to do when making a claim. Very kind lady explained everything to me and helped me through it all. Claim was dealt with quickly!"
N.S., West Midlands - April 2022

"Very easy to set up, no complicated forms to fill, all questions basic and was easy to do."
D.P., Devon - May 2022