Pet affordability hub

Advice to help you save money and keep costs down while keeping your pet and your pocket happy. 

As pet owners, we know you'd do anything for your furry family members but with the cost of living continuing to rise, it can all start adding up for animal lovers. 

We want to help you keep your pet happy and healthy without breaking the bank, by providing money-saving tips and everyday advice to ensure no one feels alone during this challenging time. 

How to keep the costs of caring for a pet down as everything rises

From the food you feed them, to making sure they’re still protected, read our advice on saving money while keeping your pet happy and healthy.


How to save money on dog food

A helping hand on everything you need to know about feeding your dog while saving money.

What can I feed my dog when I’ve run out of dog food?

Run out of dog food? Here's what you can feed them from your fridge or cupboard!

How to save money on cat food

Our top tips on making sure you can keep feeding your cat while saving money.

What can I feed my cat when I’ve run out of cat food?

Learn how to feed your cat with the food you already have in your fridge or cupboard!

10 ways to save money on pets

Our top tips on cutting the cost of supporting your cat or dog without compromising on their health. 

Pet food banks

Advice for cat and dog owners to find their local pet food bank so that they can collect or donate to those in need. 

Make do and mend – reduce pet costs

Some DIY pet projects to help you re-purpose things you might have at home, making more at home for less.

Ways to cut the cost of pet insurance

Practical steps you can take to help keep their pets protected while cutting the cost of your policy. 

How to make veterinary trips more affordable

We look at how vet fees work, how insurance can help and what options may be available if you can’t pay a vet bill.

Affordable family activities to do with your pet

Ways to entertain the family and enjoy small moments of joy without breaking the bank.

5 DIY Christmas gifts for pets and their owners

Fun and easy-to-make Christmas gift ideas for pets or their owners.

Seek the right care at the right time – when to use online vets

The experts at Joii tell us how important it is to ensure our pets get the right care at the right time.