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Ways to help with the cost of pet insurance

With the cost of living still high, many of us will be looking at ways to save some money each month and according to PDSA's recent animal welfare report, 22% of pet owners say the cost of living crisis has affected how they care for their pet. Since pet insurance isn’t mandatory, unlike car insurance, skipping the monthly fee or annual premium might seem like an easy way to save money on your cat or dog, but with the average claim costing £848 in 2021, cancelling your pet insurance could put you at risk of having to manage a big vet bill all on your own.Many of us at Animal Friends are pet owners ourselves so we know just how important pets are, which is why we want to help provide some practical steps owners can take to help keep their pets (and pockets!) protected when it comes to your pet insurance policy.

Read your policy

Understanding your cover can help you avoid any unexpected costs when it comes to claiming. Insurers usually send policy documents through email or by post but if you can’t find yours, you can always ask for it to be resent just to make sure you understand everything clearly.

Did you know Animal Friends customers can read their policy documents online through our Customer Hub? Not only that, we’ve also worked with Fairer Finance to ensure that our policy terms and conditions are clear and easy to understand!

Increase your excess

Choosing a higher excess can sometimes help make your pet insurance premiums cheaper, but only choose a level of excess you’ll be able to pay when it comes to claiming.  For example, you can now select from an excess of £69, £99, £159, £199 or £249 at Animal Friends, helping provide options for everyone, regardless of their budget.  

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Use a video vet service

If your policy comes with a free vet video service, you could avoid a trip to the vets if you’re able get the advice you need from your insurance extra. As a cat or dog Animal Friends customer, you can speak to the veterinary experts at Joii Pet Care any time of day or night for free. It’s not just for emergencies either, you can speak with Joii about any concerns you might have about your pet!

Check your other benefits

Are there any other benefits you could be taking advantage of through your insurer? From rewards through refer a friend schemes or cashback through partnerships, you might not be making the most of your policy. Check documents and emails from your insurance company or visit their website to check for any benefits that come with your cover.

Keep them healthy

While you won’t see the savings immediately, regular check-ups, making sure your pet stays at a healthy weight and keeping on top of their preventative treatments (such as vaccinations) could mean fewer vet trips in the long run. Future-you might be thanking your past self for taking these simple steps and saving you some money by thinking about avoidable issues over relying on curing later conditions.

Pay monthly instead

If you usually pay for your policy in one lump sum at the start of the cover, why not see if your insurer offers interest free monthly payments, instead? We do here, helping you spread the cost of your pet’s protection over 12 months.

Downgrading is an option

Some insurers might be able to let you downgrade your policy, so that you can still have cover in place should you need it at a more manageable price. Here at Animal Friends, we have different types of cover, giving options for those with varying budgets.

Final thoughts…

Always get in touch with your insurer before you cancel your pet policy to see how they might be able to help. And don’t forget to consider any pre-existing conditions before moving provider so you don’t encounter unexpected vet bills later on.


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