Photo of a dog behind a wired fence

Dog maintenance and safety

Tips and advice including dog theft prevention and what to do if your dog does go missing.

Dog sat in front of a Christmas tree

How to protect your Christmas presents from your dogs

Worried that your furry friends might get their paws on your perfectly-wrapped presents this Christmas? Here are some tips to keep them safe!

Dog sat out in the snow

How to keep your pet cosy this Christmas

Are you looking for a way to keep your pet cosy this festive season? Read our article for a few tips and tricks on how to keep your furry friend warm.

How to help your pet lose weight

Obese pets are risk of developing health issues such as cancer and heart disease - learn how obesity in pets can be prevented and treated.

How to clean your dog's teeth

A dog's teeth are key to a healthy mouth so it’s important to look after them. Read our top tips to learn how to clean your dog's teeth.

Dog carrying its own lead


Microchips are inexpensive, so there is no reason not to get your pets chipped. Whether you've got a kitten or puppy speak to your vet about microchipping.

Good home security deters dog thieves

Dog thieves can be deterred by good security systems. Find out what security systems are available to help keep your cat or dog safe.

How to advertise your missing pet on social media

If you are a victim to pet theft we have put together a guide of do's and don'ts to help you advertise your missing pet.

Smartphone apps and features to keep your dog safe on walks

A guide to helping keep your dog safe whilst out on a walk and different smartphone apps that could help in case of emergency.

Dog being stroked

How to settle a rescue dog into your home

A rescue dog may need some special attention to settle well into your home. Here are some tips to make the process a little easier.