Photo of a dog behind a wired fence

Dog maintenance and safety

Tips and advice including dog theft prevention and what to do if your dog does go missing.

Sand ingestion and impaction in dogs

Everything you need to know about the dangers of sand ingestion and how to prevent your dog from eating sand.

How cold is too cold for dog walks?

The vet experts at Joii have given us some guidelines on how cold is too cold for your pooch. 

Why it’s important to maintain your dog’s walking routine in winter

Here's how heading outside with your dog during the colder months can keep them happy and healthy. 

Seek the right care at the right time – when to use online vets

The experts at Joii tell us how important it is to ensure our pets get the right care at the right time. 

How to keep your dog warm this winter

There are a few things you should do to help keep your dog healthy and warm in the winter. 

Cycling with your dog

Bikes provide hours of fun for families, offer a form of transport and are a great way to exercise but can you take a dog with you on a bike ride? We look at if riding with your dog is safe, how to ride with your pooch and other things to consider.

Running with a dog

Running safety with your dog

Having a dog as an exercise partner can provide the motivation you need on the days you don’t feel like running and can help strengthen the bond between you. We provide some top tips on how to take your dog running safely.

How to walk & exercise dogs in winter

Read our top tips for walking and exercising your dog in winter to help keep you and your pooch safe. 

What to do if a dog attacks

Dogs can snap or find themselves in a fight with another dog - while dog attacks are not too common, you need to know what to do to protect yourself and your dog.