Photo of a dog behind a wired fence

Dog maintenance and safety

Tips and advice including dog theft prevention and what to do if your dog does go missing.

Reading your dog’s body language and emotions

There's nothing more frustrating than knowing your dog is trying to tell you something but not fully understanding what's wrong with them. Did you know that you can learn a lot from reading their body language?

Pets and Families

A Guide on How a Family Pet Can Help a Child to Learn. Pets and families go hand-in-hand; a pet can make a great addition to family life.

Tips, tricks and lists for a pet-friendly summer garden

If you're not sure what plants to use or avoid this summer then this might be the article for you. You might be inspired by the RHS Flower Show but not all plants or bulbs are pet-friendly. Here are a few to avoid and alternative flowers to use.

Keeping your pets safe in the garden this summer

It’s summer! This probably means you might be spending more time in the garden, cat and dog in tow and, of course, you want to keep them safe in it which means pet-proofing your garde.

How to Store Dog Food Properly

Whether you buy dry, tinned or raw dog food it can be a challenge to know if you are storing it properly. We go through the dos and don'ts of dog food storage.

Exercising With Your Dog

Whether you're a seasoned runner or someone that is determined to get fit, why not start exercising with your dog?

Dogs and traffic

Discussing five scenarios when your dog is at risk of an accident and how to manage dogs and traffic

Beginners guide to dog muzzles

Discover our guide to muzzles, including usage, suitability requirements, familiarisation techniques and more

A guide on dogs and babies

Handy advice for dog owners who are planning to have a baby - planning, behavoural training and introductions