Photo of a dog behind a wired fence

Dog maintenance and safety

Tips and advice including dog theft prevention and what to do if your dog does go missing.

Dogs and traffic

Discussing five scenarios when your dog is at risk of an accident and how to manage dogs and traffic

Beginners guide to dog muzzles

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A guide on dogs and babies

Handy advice for dog owners who are planning to have a baby - planning, behavoural training and introductions

Adopting & rehoming a dog

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5 top tips on washing your dog

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5 dog laws every dog owner should know

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Activities for pets on a snowy day

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Dog leads

Choosing a dog lead might seem like a simple task, but the decision will depend on location, behaviour and versatility requirements

Dog grooming techniques

Each breed's coat is as unique as they are - discover your dog's grooming needs depending on their breed and coat type