Photo of a dog behind a wired fence

Dog maintenance and safety

Tips and advice including dog theft prevention and what to do if your dog does go missing.

Ways to cut the cost of pet insurance

Practical steps you can take to help keep their pets protected while cutting the cost of your policy. 

Pet food banks

Advice for cat and dog owners to find their local pet food bank so that they can collect or donate to those in need. 

Can dogs sense thunderstorms?

Here’s exactly how our dogs sense a storm and how you can help them through one. 

How to keep your dog safe around livestock

Here are our top tips for helping keep your dog and livestock safe while out and about. 

How to help your pet adjust to a new home

Understand what elements of moving house can cause pets stress, and what actions to take to help settle them

How to spot early signs of illness in dogs

Learn to recognise the obvious and more subtle signs that your dog may be ill

Introducing a new dog to an existing pet

Learn the initial considerations, plus detailed instructions for successful introductions to both cats and other dogs

Dog grooming hacks

Our top tips, owner hacks and expert advice on grooming your pooch and keeping your home as fur-free as possible.

Guide to Summer Dog Walk Safety

We all enjoy a summer dog walk, but do you know the best ways to do this in safety? Animal Friends has put together a guide to safe summer dog walks.