A Walk in the Park

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Our podcast provides you with valuable insights into all things cats, dog, horses and so much more.

We all lead busy lives and here at Animal Friends, we’re always on the hunt to find new ways to help support you and your pet on your journey together. Our podcast, A Walk in the Park... with Animal Friends, gives you the information to help keep you in the know while you and your pet are on-the-go.

So, what can you expect from our podcast?

Joined by her German Shorthaired Pointer, Skye, our Chief Marketing Officer, animal welfare advocate and all-round bonkers for all-things pets Patricia Gardiner talks to animal welfare and veterinary experts, covering topics ranging from pet health and wellness, veterinary perspectives and technological advancements, environmental protection and ecology, to animal welfare matters. Each episode is packed with top tips and fun facts straight from the horse’s mouth!

With each episode featuring Patricia and Skye to ensure you never* get bored, they’re perfect to block out those tiresome commutes, to distract you while cleaning the cat litter tray, or as the soundtrack to your trip to the vets…

*We can’t actually guarantee this, but we’re almost fairly certain.

You can listen to each podcast episode below when released or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and YouTube.


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Christmas Special – Ho – Ho – How to have a happy and safe Christmas with your pet.

It may be the most wonderful time of year for some, but amongst all the excitement, food, fun and lights there may be fiendish festive fate lurking for our fabulous fur family. Dr Sam Webster, Director of Clinical Operations at Joii Pet Care and Dr Natalie Light, Director of Behaviour at Joii Pet Care, are back on the couch for our tinsel-trimmed season finale.

Dolphin and whale facts that will blow you away, with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (Let’s hope it doesn’t make you blubber!)

Take a deep dive into the magical ocean this week as Patricia and Skye have a ‘whale of a time’ with Beans, a beautiful rescue dog, and her human Ed Goodall, the head of intergovernmental engagement at Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). This powerful episode discusses the incredible ways in which WDC is working towards saving these magnificent creatures and how we can play a crucial role to help.

African wildlife at the brink of extinction: Understanding the fragments of life's giant jigsaw, with Tusk Trust.

This fascinating and emotional episode ventures into the heart of African Wildlife Conservation as Patricia and Skye are joined by the CEO of TUSK, Sir Charles Mayhew OBE, who enlightens us on a journey of protecting Africa’s wildlife over the past 30 years.

Dog Training and behaviour – Is yellow the new black in giving anxious dogs a voice?

Did you know that while dogs can’t “talk” to us, they are still great communicators? So why is it some need the colour yellow? In this episode of ‘A Walk in the Park’ Patricia is joined by Sarah Jones, Founder of My Anxious Dog, and Natalie Light, Director of Behaviour at Joii Pet Care, to understand dog anxiety.

Bath time battles and poorly paws: A better understanding of keeping your pets healthy

Questions about our pet’s health can be a minefield – well now’s the time to get some answers! Join Patricia and the ever-loveable Skye in welcoming back Dr Sam Webster, Director of Clinical Operations at Joii Pet Care, to discuss the dos and don’ts of helping our beloved pets stay happy and healthy.

Take a sneak beak into the wonderful world of vultures and birds of prey! ON LOCATION with the Hawk Conservancy Trust

We’re spreading our wings with the birds of prey, vets and carers on location at the Hawk Conservancy Trust. Come and soar with Tom Morath, Deputy Head of Living Collection & Education Co-ordinator, and Sundance, a beautiful Hooded Vulture, as they take us on a sky-high adventure.

A purr-fectly spooky special; feline frolics, facts and friendly advice!

Have you ever wanted to get the inside scoop on everything cat related? If you’re a total cat purr-son don’t miss this episode as the experts at Joii Pet Care shine a spooky light on all things feline.

Everything you ‘autumn’ know about your pet’s health this season!

We humans know all too well how miserable some of those cold, wet and windy days can make us feel, but is it true that our pets can also be affected by the dark cold nights? Hear from the experts at Joii Pet Care, as they tackle the challenges of the colder seasons!

All “Fins” Shark with Shark Trust

400-year-old living vertebrates, sharks the size of a bus, great whites in the UK, and teeth that can be controlled! Take a dive into the deep blue sea with Paul Cox, Managing Director of Shark Trust.