A Walk in the Park...

The state of a UK Rescue sector - With Birmingham Dogs Home.

24th April 2023

Episode 6 - Birmingham Dogs Home – UK Rescue

The tragic aftermath of the pandemic on the many lockdown pets continues to make headlines, with no sign of the pet abandonment rate slowing down.

The COVID pet purchase boom, followed by a sharp rise in the cost of living has created the “perfect storm”; a heart-breaking crisis of pet abandonment as families choose between food on the table or food for their pet.

Shelters across the country are filling up fast as the cost-of-living crisis drives struggling owners to give up pets, but what does this mean for charities like Birmingham Dogs Home?

In this episode of ‘A Walk in the Park’, Patricia and Skye are joined by Fi Harrison, Head of Fundraising & Communications, and her beautiful rescues, Hope and Joy to talk about the charity, how they’ve evolved over the years and the struggles they’re facing today.

In this episode we learn more about a day in the life of a Canine Carer at Birmingham Dogs Home and how they’re making a real difference to the dogs that, without them, would have nothing…

Grab a cuppa, snuggle up with your pet and listen to ‘A Walk in the Park’ as Patricia and Fi give us the latest on all things rescue and how more needs to be done to empower rescue centres to provide the best care for pets while the influx continues.



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