A Walk in the Park...

Artificial Intelligence - What does it mean for our pets?

24th April 2023

We’ve all seen the movies where Artificial Intelligence (AI) ends up taking over the world, destroying the human race as we know it, but it doesn’t always mean robots and black screens with green code. AI is everywhere, being used in some incredible ways, and it can actually help us provide better care for our pets.

In this episode of ‘A Walk in the Park’, Patricia and Skye are joined by Dr Sam Webster, Director of Clinical Operations at Vet-AI and Joii Pet Care, and her dog Arthur to talk about how our pets can benefit from these new types of technology and how they can be designed to improve the quality of life for companion animals everywhere.

Want to learn more about AI in veterinary care, the real positives of these advancements and how they can make your life easier as a pet owner now and in the future?

Well, grab a cuppa and get comfy or head outside for a walk and listen to ‘A Walk in the Park’ as Patricia and Sam give us the latest on all things Artificial Intelligence, including identifying pain in cats, lameness in pets, if Chat GPT will ever replace vets and more!


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