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Behaviour issues or separation anxiety? What you need to know

24th April 2023

Episode 8: Joii Pet Care – Separation Anxiety

It's a term we’re hearing more and more… but what exactly is separation anxiety, how is it different from behaviour issues, and what can we do about it? We know we can’t be with our pet 24/7 but how can we help them whilst we’re away?  

From digging, chewing, and pacing shown by our pooches, to the cold shoulder given by our cats, separation anxiety is real and can have a big impact on our companions. 

Is it something they’re born with? Can older pets overcome it? Does nutrition play a part? Is it actually all the owners’ fault…? 

In this episode of ‘A Walk in the Park,’ Patricia and Skye are joined by Dr Sam Webster, Director of Clinical Operations at Vet-AI and Joii Pet Care, to learn about separation anxiety, what it looks like and how we can help our pets thrive even when they’re alone. 

Want to know whether your pooch is just bored or if there’s more behind the barks? Or do you worry that your feline friend fears loneliness?  

Well, Dr Sam has the answers so, grab a cuppa and get comfy while listening to this season’s final episode of ‘A Walk in the Park.’  

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