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The Great Outpaws

Ensuring your pet's safety in The Great Outpaws is incredibly important to us.

Take a look at our collection of useful articles offering expert tips and advice for your pet.

Expert tips and advice to keep your pet safe outdoors

Cycling with your dog

Bikes provide hours of fun for families, offer a form of transport and are a great way to exercise but can you take a dog with you on a bike ride? We look at if riding with your dog is safe, how to ride with your pooch and other things to consider.

How to deal with ticks and fleas on dogs

Our dogs can be at risk of infestation from parasites which can lead to infections, but these can often be controlled, treated or prevented. We take a look at how dogs get ticks and fleas, how to spot them, whether they can be prevented and what to do if your dog becomes a victim to these parasites.

Running with a dog

Running safety with your dog

Having a dog as an exercise partner can provide the motivation you need on the days you don’t feel like running and can help strengthen the bond between you. We provide some top tips on how to take your dog running safely.

How much exercise does my dog need?

Confused how much exercise your pet needs? Here's how much physical and mental stimulation your pet requires based on their breed and group.

How pet first aid can help prep you for an emergency

Living with dogs is a wonderful adventure and they continue to surprise us every day, but would you know what to do if they fell ill or were involved in an accident? Here's how pet first aid can help you prep for an emergency.

What common plants and flowers are poisonous to dogs?

Whatever the season, all sorts of flowers, plants and foliage grow and bloom. Here are just some plants and flowers that are toxic to dogs.

Guide to Summer Dog Walk Safety

We all enjoy a summer dog walk, but do you know the best ways to do this in safety? Animal Friends has put together a guide to safe summer dog walks.

The dangers of grass seeds

Discover the dangers of grass seeds and learn how to protect your dog from a grass seed injury.

How do I know if my pet is dehydrated?

Our pets gain and lose water throughout the day, panting, urinating, sweating and even breathing contributes to the loss of fluid so they can easily end up dehydrated, especially in the summer months. We take a look at the signs, treatment and prevention of dehydration in pets.

Graph showing most accident prone breeds

Protect your pet in The Great Outpaws

As dog owners the welcome home at the door will never get old, the cuddles on the sofa on a cold night will never get boring, and we'll always appreciate the help they give without even realising it. Taking them for their daily walk, or two, can seem a bit of a chore on a rainy day but our stresses truly disappear with each step.

Dogs really do take the lead on making sure we're well looked after. With one of our policies you can return the favour and help protect them against the rising cost of vet bills.

Take out a policy with us today where 9 out of 10 of us are owned by a pet.

Cocker Spaniel

Did you know...

Cocker Spaniels are the most accident-prone breed. You can learn vital information on how to deal with a dog emergency through our dog first aid tips.

Interesting fact...

According to our data from 2019, Labradors have the highest number of claims at an average treatment cost of £491. Find out about your dog’s breed.

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Out and about in the woods - fleas and ticks

Prevention is easier than cure when it comes to these parasites and our partners Joii recommend all year-round treatment. Regardless of whether you suspect you have a problem or you just want to prevent it, Joii offers free vet health assessments to Animal Friends customers through the Joii app.