How pet first aid can help prep you for an emergency

Living with dogs is a wonderful adventure and they continue to surprise us every day, but would you know what to do if they fell ill or were involved in an accident? Here's how pet first aid can help you prep for an emergency.

28th January 2020

Living with dogs is a wonderful adventure and they continue to surprise us every day. Unfortunately, our canine friends can become ill or find themselves involved in an accident which can be a distressing time for any pet parent.

Dog first aid courses can help you learn how to deal with a situation you hope you’ll never be faced with, and your readiness can be lifesaving in an emergency.

So, how can dog first aid help you prepare for an emergency?

It’ll teach you what you need to know

Attending and completing a dog first aid course, which is just four hours long, can help you with a matter of things you might be faced with as a dog owner.

From learning the basics to situation-specific exercises like dog fights, drowning dogs and road traffic accidents, people have completed this programme and gone on to save lives.

It can happen to anyone

We might like to believe our dog is unlikely to choke on a tennis ball or that they understand the dangers of a road, but we just don’t know what kind of canine emergency we might one day be faced with.

Going on a dog first aid course can prepare you for situations that might not even involve your dog, as course attendees have found themselves saving the lives of other people’s pets.

It gives you the confidence to act

Knowing some of the basic skills can give you the confidence to act in an emergency, having practised applying techniques in similar scenarios in the confines of the course.

Hanging back due to the uncertainty of the appropriate technique, or the potential outcome, in certain situations can mean the difference between life or death for your pet.

Helps you to avoid emergencies

By learning the techniques to saving a dog’s life, and what common situations we might be faced with as dog owners, you’ll start to recognise potential hazards and dangers that surround you. This knowledge can help prevent situations that will put your dog’s life at risk.


Jo Middleton from Dog First Aid Franchise Limited

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