Cat maintenance and safety

Keep your cat healthy, clean, comfortable and safe with our general feline care advice and guides.

Spring cleaning with your cat

Here are some top tips on spring cleaning, tidying and cat grooming hacks to keep you and your feline friend happy.

Spaying and neutering aftercare guide for cats

Our spaying and neutering aftercare guide offers advice to help make sure your cat's recovery is as stress-free as possible.

How to calm your cat down

Learn a range of methods to calm down your stressed or hyperactive cat, helping them be as relaxed as possible.

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Neutering and spaying a cat: what you need to know

Neutering or spaying your cat can provide a range of benefits, helping to keep them happy and healthy. 

How to keep your cat warm this winter

Things you can do to make sure your cat is warm and comfortable in winter. 

How to make veterinary trips more affordable

We look at how vet fees work, how insurance can help and what options may be available if you can’t pay a vet bill.

Make do and mend – reduce pet costs

Some DIY pet projects to help you re-purpose things you might have at home, making more at home for less.

10 ways to save money on pets

Our top tips on cutting the cost of supporting your cat or dog without compromising on their health. 

Can cats sense thunderstorms?

Here’s exactly how our cats sense a storm and how to help them stay calm once the thunder’s started.