Cat maintenance and safety

Keep your cat healthy, clean, comfortable and safe with our general feline care advice and guides.

Ginger and white cat sat in the garden

Protecting your cat from wasps and bees

A guide to protecting your cat from wasps and bees, their stings and how to treat your pet if they were to get stung.

Cat with white fur

Does my cat need sunscreen?

Guides to pet health and advice on keeping them happy, and dealing with the inevitabilities of life as a pet owner.

Ginger and white cat

Choosing a cattery

Sometimes taking your cat with you on a journey isn't an option, and you'll need to choose a cattery. But how do you pick one?

Cat with grey fur

A guide to different cat coats

One of the most interesting things about cats is the huge variety of colours and markings they can come in. What colour is your kitty?

Picture of an older cat

Caring for an old cat

As cats get older they become less able to take care of themselves, and they'll need you more than ever. Try this guide to caring for an older cat.