Cat health guide

Feel a little less confused by your curious cat with our health advice. From simple scrapes to feline cancer, we're here to help.

Is my cat’s breath supposed to smell like that?

Here are some of the possible reasons behind your cat’s bad breath and why you shouldn’t ignore it.

Ticks on cats – identification & treatment

We talk all things ticks on cats, how to look for them, how to properly remove them if you find them and the risks the parasites carry. 

Why do cats have wet noses?

We look at why cats have wet noses, what it means and help you know when you might need to visit a vet with your cat.

Fleas and worms in dogs and cats

Discover how your pet's flea and worming treatment is a vital part of providing ongoing care to keep them healthy

Heatstroke in younger cats

Heatstroke is a dangerous condition which can quickly result in death. Discover the symptoms and actions you can take to prevent it.

Heatstroke in older cats

Heatstroke can quickly result in death - discover the symptoms and actions you can take to prevent it.

Leukaemia in cats

Cats and kitten can easily contract feline leukaemia - this illness can quickly become fatal, so learn the signs.

Cat curled up under a blanket

Seizures in cats

Would you know how to recognise if your cat was having a seizure? More importantly, would you know what to do? Use our handy guide!

Protecting your cat from skin cancer

We take a look at skin cancer, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment as well as ways to prevent the condition.