Cat health guide

Feel a little less confused by your curious cat with our health advice. From simple scrapes to feline cancer, we're here to help.

Can cats get hayfever?

Learn more about hayfever and how you can help your cat if they struggle with seasonal allergies.

Foreign bodies in cats

Here are the risks associated with foreign body ingestion in cats and the steps to take to keep yours safe and sound. 

Vomiting in cats

Helping you understand the causes and recognise the symptoms for vomiting in cats and ways to prevent your feline friends from throwing up. 

Diarrhoea in cats

We help you understand the potential causes, symptoms, and treatments for your cat's diarrhoea.

Ear infections in cats

Veterinary experts from Joii Pet Care have answered some frequently asked questions about ear infections in cats.

Dangers of hairballs for cats

The vets at Joii Pet Care tell us of the dangers of hairballs and what you can do to help your cat if they become a hassle. 

Seasonal allergies in cats

Here's all you need to know about seasonal allergies from the experts at Joii Pet Care.

Why can’t my cat pee?

The vets at Joii tell us the signs of a bladder blockage in cats so you can seek help when it's needed. 

Cat being cradled

Basic first aid for cats

Learn the basics of first aid for cats - contents needed for a first aid kit, plus how to treat common injuries while you get them to the vets

Can cats be allergic to bee and wasp stings?

All you need to know about bee and wasp sting allergies in cats and how to protect your feline.