Bath Cats and Dogs Home: the charity behind the video

Working to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome cats and dogs in need

1st December 2023

When we were planning our Suppawt Small, Believe Big campaign, we needed to find a rescue centre to film a video showcasing just some of the animals waiting for their forever homes this Christmas. We reached out to Bath Cats and Dogs Home, a charity we’ve helped in the past, to ask if they would be okay with us popping by and using their base to film our video. 

They were more than happy to help! So, off we went with cameras in one hand and a bag full of goodies in the other, ready to capture some shots to tell the story of the importance of sharing the love this winter. 

Some photos from the charity

Who are they? 

Established over 80 years ago, Bath Cats and Dogs Home now serve a 650 square mile area across Bath, northeast Somerset, and parts of Wiltshire. The charity works to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome cats and dogs in need.

During our visit, we were told how their waiting list is closed due to the number of animals they have in their care. Something we know they’re not alone in experiencing as we often hear from charities in similar situations, with owners having to give up their pets due to the cost-of-living crisis. Something that’s effecting the centres themselves, too, with food prices and vet costs on the rise. A constant struggle that shows no signs of easing. 

Bath Cats and Dogs Home has seen the impact of poor breeding during COVID, as selfish breeders put money before the welfare of the animals they sold for a quick profit. The costs of getting their pet the treatment they need can be too expensive for lots of families,  ultimately leading to the surrender of animals everywhere.

Helping dogs like Rosebud 

As people are unsure where to turn when they’re in desperate need for help, more pets are finding themselves abandoned. Luckily, that’s where charities like Bath Cats and Dogs Home come in. They told us about Rosebud, a sweet older Labrador, who had been tied up to their gates. A story that she shares with so many other animals across the country.

Thankfully, Rosebud has now been reserved and will be given a second chance at a happy ending all thanks to the amazing team at the centre. 

2023 in numbers

So far in 2023, the charity has already taken in 703 animals into their care, rehabilitating them as needed and working hard in search of a forever homes. 

Helping turn tales of tears to happy ever afters, 100 lost animals have been reunited with their families. 

A whopping 538 animals have been adopted this year, and given new, happy lives thanks to the selfless work of the staff and volunteers at Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

How you can help Bath Cats and Dogs Home

If you’re looking for ways to help transform the lives of the cats and dogs who are waiting for their new homes, here are just some things the charity would love to receive from supporters: 

  • Cat trees. 
  • Blankets (this can make the animals feel at home in their enclosures). 
  • Treats. 
  • Strong dog toys. 

They also have an Amazon Wishlist, helping you donate something they need directly to the centre. While they won’t know who sent them what, as each package is sent anonymously, you could have fun watching videos of their animals to see if you spot your gift being played with or munched on. 

Volunteers are also needed at the centre and across their charity shops, giving you the chance to give more hands-on help if you’re able to.   

As a thank you to Bath Cats and Dogs Home, we donated £5,000 to ensure that none of their animals go without this winter. Don’t forget you can nominate a charity close to your heart as part of our Suppawt Small, Believe Big campaign, and help make a rescue’s Christmas a little more special.

'A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has nominated their local pet charity - including Bath Cats and Dogs Home. The generous £5,000 from Animal Friends will go towards setting up warm and secure kennels and cattery pods ready for new arrivals this winter. A cosy bed, a toy and nutritious food are the first small steps to a new beginning for our abandoned and neglected cats and dogs.'

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