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Behind every donation, every animal saved and charity supported, there’s someone like you helping to make a difference.

What does a Purple Poppy mean and where can I buy one?

If you’re curious about the purple poppy and what it stands for, here is everything you need to know.

Animal Support Angels: From the eyes of the rescuers

Amanda Broome, Founder and Trustee of Animal Support Angels, gives us her first-hand experience of working through the aftermath of the pandemic. 

2022 Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photography Awards Finalists

The finalists of the 2022 Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photography Awards have now been revealed!

A new life for Vietnam’s saddest bears

How nine Asiatic black bears are getting on following their rescue from appalling conditions at a Vietnamese bile bear farm.

Animal Friends joins Climate Giant Project

We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s (WDC) Climate Giant Project

Things you can do to help the planet

Here's are some ways you can give nature and our wildlife a helping hand.

2022 Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Find out why we're proud to sponsor the 2022 Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photography Awards, the charities supported through it and how to get involved! 

The Tusk Lion Trail

In celebration of World Lion Day on 10th August, a pride of sculptures is now on the prowl in the streets of London to help highlight the threats to the species and Tusk Trust’s conservation efforts.

Tikam the Puma, an apartment, and Four Paws

Tikam the Puma cub was rescued from a bathroom in Germany, the victim of the illegal wildlife smuggling trade. See how Four Paws is working hard to end the big cat trade and alleviate animal suffering.

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