What does a Purple Poppy mean and where can I buy one?

If you’re curious about the purple poppy and what it stands for, here is everything you need to know.

26th October 2022

During the month of November, millions of people across Britain and even other parts of the world, wear a red poppy to commemorate military personnel who gave their life to protect our freedoms. A symbol of solidarity and respect, you may have also noticed some people wear different coloured poppies, maybe alongside the iconic red flower.

This is in demonstration of their support for other causes during this important period of remembrance.

We want to focus on one particular flower that is close to our hearts here at Animal Friends. If you’re curious about the purple poppy and what it stands for, here is everything you need to know.

What does the purple poppy mean?

Rather than being associated with humans who have lost their lives while serving their country, the purple poppy is worn to help ensure that the animals who served, and continue to serve, alongside their human counterparts are not forgotten.

Charities across the country have adopted this symbol and work hard to honour and commemorate the service of animals in war, helping provide a lasting legacy for animals in need.

What charities are involved with the campaign?

There are many different fundraisers and campaigns raising awareness of the meaning of the symbol including The Purple Poppy Fund, organised by the War Horse Memorial. The Fund pays tribute to the nobility, courage, unyielding loyalty and immeasurable contribution horses and other equines played in giving us the freedom of democracy we are able to enjoy today.

Since 2016, Murphy’s Army has raised around £150,000 in donations to charities supporting animals lost in service and those still serving. The charity has also provided 100 pet oxygen masks to Fire Services across the UK and 250 much-welcomed cooling coats for service dogs! 

This year, Murphy’s Army will be helping raise funds for National Foundation for Retired Service Animals and The Horse Trust, providing even more support for our brave service animals.

Where can I buy my purple poppy?

There are several different places you can purchase a purple poppy to wear in remembrance of the animals who served but not all sellers will be helping raise money for charities.

Pin badges from the War Horse Memorial shop cost £3.

Murphy's Army also offers a variety of different products, including their handmade poppies which are priced at £3.50 each, including postage. You can choose from the human version with a pin back or the animal poppy which has an adjustable Velcro fastening to fit safely and comfortably on collars or leads.

So, will you be joining us in wearing a purple poppy alongside your red pin this year? Let us know and show your support on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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