Charity Review 2023 - how we helped, together

Let’s take a look at what we achieved, who it helped, and why it matters.

21st February 2024

In 2022, we were able to see first-hand the financial struggles faced by pet owners and charities across the country, with animals sometimes paying the price of the Cost-of-Living crisis. This continued in 2023, with many rescue centres and shelters seeking funds for vet bills, food costs, and other day-to-day expenses, to be able to continue with their incredible work. With our support, together, we've been able to help more pets remain with their owners and stay happy and healthy.

During these challenging times, we forged ahead with our mission to make a better life for every animal. We continued to support charities around the world, funding projects from Ghana to the Galapagos, saving creatures of all shapes and sizes while doing what we could to protect their equally vulnerable homes, too.

Let’s take a look at our 2023, another year of giving.

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Our giving helped 249 charities – here's how they mapped out...

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The average donation was £2,350.63 helping with all sorts of requests including:

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September was our biggest month of giving, donating £138,753.80 to 31 charities – whereas we helped 95 charities in December, the highest number we helped in a single month in 2023! 

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At Animal Friends, we’re more than just pet insurance; we’re a family, working together to better the life of every animal and support those who work so hard to care for them. 

Join us in 2024 as we help even more charities like...

A selection of charities we've helped

Our 2023 charity campaigns...

Take a look at some of last year's campaigns, the charities we supported and the animals we helped. 

Bee the Change

Working with Bumblebee Conservation Trust to raise awareness of the humble bees and how we can save them together…

"Ugly" Endangered Animals

Learn more about 5 animals who are often overlooked for their appearance, but who are in desperate need of our help.

Suppawt Small, Believe Big

Find out how 100 deserving charities received vital funding they needed to keep caring for our most vulnerable pets waiting for a home...

How we can help your charity...

Don't forget, we accept giving requests all year around. We are passionate about supporting animal charities everywhere and provide funding for a range of initiatives and causes, including:

  • Vet bills, food costs or other outgoings
  • Emergency and crisis appeals
  • Long term welfare and conservation projects
  • One-off requests