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Pet theft

Pets are more than just property.

We're fighting to make pet theft a specific offence and help protect your family from this crime.

Update on the Pet Abduction Bill (previously part of the Kept Animals Bill) as of February 2024: We are pleased the government has now committed to changing pet theft laws to ensure cats and dogs have increased protections and that this Bill is now passing through the House of Commons.
Patricia Gardiner, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, explains: “It is great to see DEFRA announce their backing for the Pet Abduction Bill earlier this year. At Animal Friends, we know that pets are part of the family; this has been a much-needed, and long overdue change, and will hopefully lead to a reduction in the devastating numbers of pets stolen each year."

At Animal Friends Insurance, protecting animals is at the heart of what we do and as pet owners ourselves, we understand how important they are and how devastating it can be to even think about having our beloved pet stolen.

Our pets are our world. Which is why we want to equip our customers and the general public with the right preventative tools and information to keep themselves and their pets safe from thieves.

Why do things need to change?

DogLost reported a 170% increase in incidents of dog theft in 2020 and with only 1% of these heart-breaking crimes resulting in a criminal charge in England and Wales*. We think it’s time for change!

  • The numbers are growing – more and more pets are being stolen.
  • Pets are seen as property – to the law they are the same as a laptop, to us they’re our family.
  • Pet theft is devastating – the current punishment does not fit this heartbreaking crime.

Animal Friends could never replace a stolen pet, but most of our policies offer options to claim for pet theft and monetary support for advertising and rewards.

*Source: Pet Theft Reform

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How are we helping?

We're supporting Pet Theft Reform, an evidence-based campaign calling for tougher pet theft legislation and compulsory microchip scanning by vets.

We believe pets are part of the family and we wouldn't ever be without them.

Pet theft is devastating and it must be taken seriously! That's why, as part of our ongoing commitment to promote animal welfare, Animal Friends is fighting for those with no voice of their own.

Safe with us

As part of our mission to create a better life for every animal, we’re offering to safeguard microchip numbers on behalf of all of our customers, giving you a better chance at being reunited with your pet if you were ever separated from them. 

Expert pet advice

Our Pet Theft hub can also provide owners everywhere with expert preventative advice around home security, dog walk safety, recall training and social media precautions.

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