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What’s an excess?


The excess is the amount that you pay towards each accident, illness or condition you claim for. You will pay an excess for each new condition and this will be deducted from the first claim relating to that condition. If you claim for the same condition over multiple policy years (i.e. following annual renewal of the policy) you will find a new excess is deducted each year. For our Max Benefit policies the excess would only be payable once per condition.

How is an excess applied to a policy?

The excess is deducted from the overall limit of your cover, please refer to your schedule for a breakdown of the maximum policy limits applicable.

So, with an example limit of £3,000, if you have selected an excess of £69, the maximum settlement made would be £2,931 for a single condition. Please check your policy summary to find out time restrictions relating to your limits, and how the excesses will be applied in relation to this.

Please also check your policy summary to see how excesses might be applied to non-veterinary benefits.

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