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10 Cool Canine Facts

We love learning more about dogs, after all it gives us more to talk about… and who doesn’t love talking about their pets? These cool canine facts might give you something to chat about next time you make a new friend in your local dog park!

10 – The average dog has the same intellect as a two year old human. This includes emotional intelligence too, as scientists have found that dogs have the same emotional range as a toddler. This is just the average though; some dogs aren’t quite as clever, but some are much, much smarter…

9 – Dogs can learn around 250 words and some can even do basic mathematical calculations. A very clever Border Collie called Chaser has a vocabulary comprising more than 1,000 words!

8 – ‘A Day in the Life’ by The Beatles includes a dog whistle noise only audible to animal ears. Paul McCartney recorded this sound in tribute to his dog.

7 – Pekingese dogs were so important in the Ancient Far East, they were waited on hand and foot by their own servants and were valuable trade commodities. They were even worshipped in temples.

6 – French Poodles aren’t French at all, they’re German. Their names comes from the word ‘pudelhund’ which means ‘splashing dog’.

5 – Dogs’ ears are far more sensitive than a human’s, able to detect some noises from four times further away that we are.

4 – It’s long been rumoured that dogs are colour blind, but this isn’t strictly accurate. Dogs can’t see as many colours as humans, but their vision is much better in low light.

3 – An Australian Cattle Dog called Bluey is the longest-living dog on record, making it to the ripe old age of 29.

2 – A dog’s nose is wet because it helps attract chemical scent droplets in the air. And speaking of noses…

1 – The swirls, folds and nobbles on a dog’s nose are completely unique, like a human fingerprint. It is possible to identify a dog from its nose print in much the same way.

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