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10 Signs you are a Slave to your Cat

10 signs you are a slave to your cat

If you own a cat, or you’re owned by a cat, then you probably know what it’s like to be a servant to their demanding needs. They haven’t forgotten a feline’s links with the Egyptian goddess Bastet and still expect us humans to worship our four-legged friends, and rightly so!

Top 10 all-too-familiar signs

While dogs might run around for us, we certainly have to do most of the legwork with our cats, so how can you tell you’re a slave to your cat? We’ve got it covered.

  1. You’re probably covered in battle scars but that’s okay because it’s a sign of love.
  2. When your cat gives you gifts in the form of dead animals and you must pretend you love it, because who doesn’t?
  3. You don’t mind waking up to the view of their behind in the morning.

a cat walking away

  1. You can’t leave a box uncovered because you will, without question, find a cat face staring at you from the darkness within.
  2. The only time your cat demands your love and attention is when you’re on your laptop or reading the paper.
  3. Endlessly picking up Christmas tree ornaments and shredded tinsel because your cat dislikes the tree.
  4. Trekking miles to a specialist pet shop that stock specialist cat food that you’ll buy, and your cat will refuse to eat. How dare you.
  5. That you’re willing to sacrifice your furniture for the whims of the scratching god.
  6. They like to make sure that their most intimate grooming is done with an audience…
  7. When people are over your cat gets to decide where it sits and no one’s allowed to move it, not even you!

We’re gonna sneak an extra one in, too, just in case you’re still unsure:

  1. They decide when they want cuddles, which is probably when they’re cold and in need of a human radiator.

So, are you a slave to your cat? We are to ours!


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