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5 Things to Do with your Dog this Weekend

5 things to do with your dog this weekend 2

With the seasons changing the weather is so unpredictable. From glorious autumnal mornings, covered in mist and even thin (very thin) layers of ice on the windscreen of cars, followed by warm mornings, and an afternoon of torrential rain. It seems that we are getting the tail ends of all kinds of different storms so who knows what the weather will be like this weekend!

Either way, we’ve got a few ideas of what you can get up with your dog this weekend, whatever the weather.

Treat yourself to a pub lunch

You might be on the way home from your daily walk and fancy being warmed up by the fire at your local dog-friendly pub. Why not pop in and treat yourself to one of their filling meals! You might be lucky enough to live next to a fantastically dog-friendly pub where they have a jar full of doggy treats waiting for their four-legged customers.

Go for an autumnal sandy adventure

If you live by the beach or you’re not too far away from the shore, then why not go for an adventure?
Since it’s autumn most beaches are now letting dogs back onto the sand, but always double check before you set off. If it’s a bit too windy why not take a detour and try and find a nice long woodland walk instead?

Dachshund dog in the woodland

Build a den and watch a film

If you have kids to entertain as well as a crazy pooch, then why not get everyone to help build a den in the living room?

All you need is loads of blankets and pillows, and if you’re looking for extra comfort you could drag a mattress downstairs, too. Before you get too comfy in your pillow fort don’t forget to make some hot chocolates and pick a film to watch and let your dog plonk themselves wherever they see fit!

Play hide-and-seek

Why not have a game of hide-and-seek with your dog? You might need an extra pair of hands to make sure your dog doesn’t follow you straight away. Find your hiding spot and then call for your dog. How quickly can they find you?

Plan a playdate

If you have friends with dogs why not check if they’re free to go on a walk or to come over with their four-legged friend? This way, you’ll both have some company!


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