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Charity Tuesday: SPANA

Charity Tuesday: SPANA

Here at Animal Friends Pet Insurance we have long been supporters of the tireless efforts of SPANA. Through seven countries across two continents, and a number of outreach and emergency programmes, they support working animals in countless ways, such as providing maternity saddles for pregnant women in Afghanistan, raising awareness about animals used in tourism in Tunisia and funding a programme to provide food for malnourished horses in Egypt.

We have been proud to support SPANA by making donations through our ‘Vote for a Charity’ competitions, as well as through our Employee of the month scheme. In 2014 we also decided to donate a £40,000 lump sum to support their campaign to combat lameness by training farriers to care for the hooves of working horses and donkeys. So far we have donated a total of £62,450 to SPANA.

We caught up with Caroline to hear more about what SPANA got up to in 2014 and what their plans are for this year.

Caroline said: “Our biggest project was the Lameness campaign. We really wanted to show what we’re dealing with without being too graphic or upsetting and our supporters responded very generously to the campaign, from those donating to farriers and vets willing to help.

“This year we’re looking at extending our reach to a few new countries to improve vet care for more working animals in new communities and areas to make more of a difference. Donations like the ones we receive from Animal Friends help us to do that.

“We’re always looking for more help in the ground too, like admin and PR assistants here in the UK. Overseas we have a scheme with veterinary graduates to go to Morocco and spend time getting valuable experience. They often come back saying how much of an eye-opener it is, to see how vets with limited resources operate.

“Animal friends have been one of our strongest and foremost supporters, and we’re really pleased to work with companies who we know genuinely care. Everyone on the staff actually cares deeply about looking after animals.”


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