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Dog cooling coats

While we all suffer in the summer our dogs aren’t spared by the humidity and spiking temperatures either, meaning they sometimes need help to cope with the heat.

While we sweat to keep cool, our dogs have very few sweat glands and pant to exchange the hot air for cold as well as drinking more water and finding shade wherever possible. As dog owners, we try to make their lives as comfortable as possible and we battle the elements together, shopping for doggie paddling pools and freezable toys or even considering a dog cooling coat.

So, what are dog cooling coats (also known as dog cooling vests), how do they work, and what do you need to consider before buying one?

What are dog cooling coats?

If you’ve ever offered your dog a cold, wet towel to lie on in summer then just think of a cooling jacket as a more portable solution to your dog’s cooling needs. When the heat and humidity get a bit too much for our dogs, panting sometimes isn’t enough to keep them as cool as they’d want to be and that’s where these products come in.

How do dog cooling coats work?

There are different kinds of cooling coats on the market but they all do the same thing, keep your dog cool and comfortable under the sun while even saving them from heat stroke.

These vests simply mimic the process of sweating and evaporation which results in cooling the air surrounding your dog which helps keep your dog cool. Different vests or jackets will have their own individual specifications and features that you will need to base on you and your dog’s needs.

What do I need to consider before buying a dog cooling jacket?


It’s important that the cooling jacket or vest properly fits your dog so ensure comfort and proper protection. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s size guidelines and compare them to your dog’s measurements.


Your dog’s activity levels will help you choose the best kind of jacket or vest for their lifestyle. A more open vest cut will allow a greater range of movement, at the expense of a smaller cooling surface area.


All dogs can wear a cooling coat or vest, and with some positive reinforcement, most dogs will soon get used to wearing one.


Different coats and vest will offer different fasteners, which will depend on your dog and their Houdini skills. Some are zip, while others are buckles or simple but tough Velcro. This will depend on what you think is best for your dog.

There we have it, cooling coats and vests. If you still don’t think they’re right for your dog then why not read our blog on other ways to keep your dog cool in the summer.

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