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Alternative Easter Gifts for Pets

Easter is a time to give gifts, whether of the chocolate variety or spring themed. Unfortunately, a lot of treats, decorations and flowers from around this time of year can be dangerous for pets, so here are some alternative Easter gifts you can give to them.

Cocoa and gluten free chocolate eggs can be purchased from various pet retailers, as well as Easter cookies, bones and other festive treats. However, make sure you only buy these from a reputable retailer, as human chocolate is poisonous for pets.

Incorporate your pet into an Easter egg hunt by hiding their favourite treats around your home and garden. You could use bells or balls instead of eggs, and anything with catnip will hold your cat’s interest.

Many pet retailers stock Easter themed toys around this time of year such as plush Easter eggs, whilst filling a puzzle ball with treats will keep your pet entertained for hours. You could also buy something they can play with in the warm spring weather, such as a new ball or Frisbee. This bank holiday weekend provides plenty of opportunity to take your pet out and test their new toy.

Why not try out our Easter pet recipes? They are a tasty alternative to your dog or cat’s regular food, and provide the perfect treat.

You can create an Easter basket for your pet using the treats mentioned above. Remember to ensure that any materials used are safe for pets, and exclude items such as plastic or edible grass, chocolate eggs and anything that isn’t suitable for your pet to swallow. Other items such as hot cross buns that may have raisins and nuts in them can also be harmful to pets, so only include food intended for them.

Some shelters offer the option of providing an animal without a loving home with an Easter themed gift for a small donation. Others hold events around this time of year to raise money. Have a look online at your local shelters to find out how they are celebrating Easter. You could also gift something to them since many need supplies, or donate.


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