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Famous Black Cats

Famous Black Cats

Over the years we’ve all seen some amazing felines in various television shows, films or in the pages of literature. From terrific tabbies to charismatic calicos we’ve seen them all, including some beautiful black cats. Here at Animal Friends we’ve come up with our favourite famous black cats that might have appeared in some films we’ve watched or books we’ve read.

1. Salem Saberhagen

If you’ve ever watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch then you’ll recognise Salem, the teen’s cheeky and funny feline.

salem from sabrina

Image credit: Paramount Domestic Television

Did you know? Salem is a 500-year-old witch who was sentenced to spend 100 years as a cat as punishment for trying to take over the world!

2. Thackery Binx

You might remember Binx from the 90s film Hocus Pocus. Right at the beginning of the film, we see Thackery Binx cursed by the Sanderson sisters and transformed into an immortal black cat.

thackery binx the cat

Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures

3. Felix

Which one? Well, either. You might now one, or both. There’s Felix the black and white cat which starred in his own cartoon in the silent film era, and there’s Felix the cat who might be on the packaging of the food you feed your own cat.


4. The Cat from Coraline

The black cat in Coraline appears both in the novel and in the film, acting as a guide to Coraline in both the real world and the Bedlam’s world. But remember, never call him a Wuss-Puss!

the cat in coraline

Image credit: Focus Features

5. Jess

Jess, the black and white cat. We all know Jess, don’t we? The loyal friend of Postman Pat. Jess has enjoyed the post rounds in all but one episode of the famous children’s television show.

6. Oscar the Bionic Cat

You might have seen Oscar on The Bionic Vet following an accident involving a combine harvester, he was then featured on an episode of The Supervet where he was fitted a new foot. Oscar also holds two (yes, two!) Guinness World Records!

Did you know that black and black and white cats are always overlooked at rehoming centres, compared to other cats of different colours? It might be because of superstition, because they’re “not Instagram-able”, or simply because they “don’t stand out” enough. Either way, we love black cats, don’t you?

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