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Five Reasons to Love Black Cats

Black cats

Today is National Black Cat Day. As animal lovers we were startled to learn that, according to the RSPCA, people are less interested in adopting black cats because they aren’t as photogenic as other colours. In addition, some cultures are still prejudiced against black cats due to superstitions and folklore. And, did you know, that some shelters in America have been forced to suspend adoptions of black cats around Halloween to prevent them from being used as a prop and then discarded. I’m going to stick up for our black moggy friends, bust some myths and tell you why you should consider a black cat.

They are chameleons

Ok, maybe not chameleons exactly, but did you know that some black cats change colour in the sun? “Rusting” is where, in bright sunlight, a black cat can appear to be a reddish brown colour. In fact, many cats who look black actually have faint markings in their fur.

They are famous

While black cats have long been the favourites of storybook witches, Scottish folklore says they might be fairies! The fabled Cat Sìth is a fairy which takes the form of a black cat with a white crest. Gobbolino was a storybook black cat, Felix and Salem were both popular fictional black cats, and even US President Bill Clinton had a predominantly black cat called Socks.

They are misunderstood

This may not seem like a selling point, but in Europe in the Middle Ages there was a lot of suspicion surrounding black cats as people thought that they were allied with witches. Even in these more enlightened times some people continue to be wary of black cats and consider them to be “unlucky” so it’s high time the tide changed and black cats got some love. On that note…

They might be lucky

In England and Japan, at any rate. While most of the world seems to think that black cats are in some way nefarious, monochrome moggies are considered to be lucky in England. In Japan, a woman who owns a black cat is thought to attract more suitors.

They are beautiful

While, admittedly, a black cat can be trickier to photograph well, you don’t need your cat to be Instagram famous to be worthy of your love. If you treat them well your cat will love you, regardless of the colour of their fur. Black cats are beautiful creatures who need to be cherished, just like any tabby, tortoiseshell or ginger.

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