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Fantastic Furry Facts You Might Not Know

Fantastic Furry Facts You Might Not Know 1

Here at Animal Friends we love learning new furry facts about our fluffy friends. We’ve put together a list of furry facts about both cats and dogs that we found extra interesting. From famous dogs to interesting cats we have a list that will surprise a few pet owners!


The Ragamuffin is a cat breed famous for being outgoing, gentle, and they can even learn tricks like fetch! But, did you know that the kittens are born white and develop their colour and patterns as they mature?


Persian cats make the best supervillain pets! The cats are known as “furniture with fur” as they are happy to spend hours in the same spot without moving. So, they make great lap warmers for any scheming supervillains in the world of popular culture!


Newfoundland is a giant breed which is famous for many things, especially their gentle and mellow personalities. But, did you know in the original Peter Pan story Nana was a Newfoundland but the beloved guardian was then depicted as a St. Bernard in the film.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the largest breeds of cat. These gentle giants have long-haired, water repelling coats which might explain why these cats like water when other breeds would do anything to avoid it. Maine Coons are known to play in water, which could be why they’re described as the dogs of the cat world.

Selkrik Rex

The Selkrik Rex is a unique cat with a unique naturally occurring curly coat. They’re curly from head to toe but not all kittens are born with curly coats, some change to curly as the cat matures.


Poodles come in many sizes, shapes and colours. The Poodle’s coat is hair and not fur and will infinitely grow if it’s not groomed or trimmed. These elegant companions are the official national dog of France but the breed originated from either Germany or Russia.


Huskies make great furry family members and are known to be quite talkative dogs. You might have a howler of your own but did you know their howls can be heard up to 10 miles away?

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