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How to Avoid Parasites

How to Avoid Parasites

As you may have learned from our article explaining what these little creatures are, it really is better to avoid parasites. While some only cause negligible symptoms, others can be extremely dangerous to your pet’s, and family’s, health. Here are some handy hints for helping to minimise the risk of being infected, or spreading them through the home.

  • Seek veterinary advice and use a preventative spot-on treatment as recommended.
  • Avoid walking routes near stagnant water or through long grass.
  • It is best to keep your legs covered while you are out walking, as ticks and other biting insects will take advantage of any bare skin. Try to make sure there are no gaps between your socks and the start of your jeans/leggings/trousers.
  • Intestinal parasites thrive on sugar and grains, so do what you can to eliminate these from your pet’s diet. Many commercial pet foods add sugars and corn or wheat to kibbles, so check the ingredients label carefully!
  • Ponds and lakes can be a tempting sight for a warm dog, but still waters can be full of all sorts of microscopic nasties. Do your best to steer them away from standing water.
  • Make sure you pooper scoop promptly in your garden after each elimination to avoid unintentional contact with waste. Consider spraying the area with an antibacterial solution.
  • Encourage good basic hygiene with your household to prevent the spread of germs. You could even place a hand sanitiser dispenser at your garden door to make it easier for them to clean their hands after playing in the garden.
  • Make sure your pets are regularly groomed to lessen the likelihood of any insects clinging on. Trim any excess fur under the ears and between paw pads.
  • Check, check, and check again! After walks give your dog a thorough pat-down and remove any ticks you find.


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