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Mystic Mog: Aries

March 21 – April 20

Symbol: the ram

Element: fire

Strengths: enthusiasm, confidence, energetic, heroic, devoted

Weaknesses: jealous, stubborn, reckless, competitive

Best pet-parents for an Aries: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Aries pets belong to one of the three zodiac signs grouped under the fire element, and for all the right reasons. These animals can be bold, brash and are true leaders of the pack.

Their magnetism can help them build a community around them, so when your friend sends a text to come over, they’re probably wanting to see your pet, not you. It’s nothing personal, though, take it as a compliment for being able to nurture their fiery nature.

Their drive to compete and to win makes Aries dogs the first to reach the ball in the game of fetch, and the cats won’t come home from their nightly adventures empty-handed (or should we say mouth?).

They love physicality, so curtains will be scaled, the TV unit will be used as a climbing frame, playfights are popular, and a game of tug will be loved.

Signs your pet might be an Aries

  • They have a lot of energy. They always need to be doing something. They don’t stop. Ever.
  • Don’t even think about coming home smelling like another animal, your life won’t be worth living. It’s the ultimate betrayal in the eyes of an Aries pet.
  • Sometimes they don’t like sharing their toys. Or bed. Or food. Or attention. So, you’ll need to remind them from time to time that sharing is caring.
  • They love to make you smile if you’re happy they’re happy.
  • They’ll treat you to well-meaning (but uninvited gifts), like mice or birds, to make sure you’re always happy.
  • Aries pets can be a little stubborn, which you might notice when it comes to their training. Yep. Stock up on treats, you’ll need them!

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