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World Diabetes Day and Pet Diabetes Month

November is Pet Diabetes Month, with World Diabetes Day being held on the 14th of the month. Just like humans, cats and dogs can also develop diabetes.

What is diabetes in pets?

Diabetes Mellitus, or sugar diabetes, develops when the body does not produce enough insulin or has trouble responding to insulin properly.

Insulin is a hormone that’s needed to store energy from the food they eat and allows glucose in the blood to enter cells and fuel the body. When diabetes occurs in pets, they may need ongoing medical care to manage the disease so they can lead a normal life.

How can I prevent my pet from developing diabetes?

While there’s no guarantee that your cat or dog won’t get diabetes at some point during their lifetime there are some things you can do to keep your pet healthy and reduce their risk of developing the condition.

Exercise your pet

Exercise has all sorts of health benefits for your pet and can even strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Keep an eye on their diet

Making sure your pet is eating the right food for their age, condition and even breed can help your pet stay healthy.

Don’t forget vet check-ups

Booking a regular check-up with your vet will let you discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s behaviour that might be linked to such conditions.

How can I get involved with Pet Diabetes Month and National Diabetes Day?

With as many as 1 in 200 pets suffering from the condition, you might be an owner of a diabetic pet and want to help raise awareness of the disease or you just want to get involved and support the cause.

Get out and about with your pet

There are plenty of events happening around the country that you could get involved in, with or without your pet and you’ll be able to raise some money for Diabetes UK. If there’s not an event that piques your interest, or it might not be suitable for your pet, why not set up your own fundraiser?

Spread the message

Helping people recognise this complex disease and its symptoms can potentially save the life of a pet suffering from the condition.

Read our “Diabetes in pets” blog article to learn more about its symptoms and treatments.

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