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Pets in Summer: How We Can Help Our Animals

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Now that July is upon us we’re going to be focusing on the topic of ‘Pets in Summer’, taking a look at a range of subjects and issues that affect pet owners during one of the hottest months of the calendar year.

There is so much to think about when talking about your pets this summer that it would be hard to take it all in at once. So we thought we’d break it down a little bit for you and space out all of the topics throughout the month.

One area we’ll be looking into is travelling with your pets, this will encompass the very real problem of those dog owners that leave their dogs in hot cars; mind-bogglingly this still occurs every summer and it is downright cruel, not to mention that it can prove fatal. We’ll also place some focus on the different options that pet owners have when planning to take their pet on holiday with them and if this isn’t feasible, what options are there for having your pet looked after whilst you are away. As pet-specific holidays are rapidly rising in popularity, we’ll be finding out what kind of options are out there so that you can go the extra-mile and spoil your pet rotten.

Another essential area that we’ll be deeply delving into is the abundance of summer hazards. From the dangers of the outdoors, such as poisonous plants and flowers, to the importance of keeping your animals cool and hydrated, summer provides pet owners with many a concern and we’ll be covering every aspect that you’ll need to think about.

Branching off from looking at pets as a whole, we’ll dedicate our resources to providing information on how to help senior pets through the summer. The heat for animals is bad enough but it is even more intensified for older pets that have creaky bones and can overheat almost instantly.

Not only will we be centering our attention on cats and dogs but we’ll also investigate how the summer can affect horses, taking a look at summer-specific conditions, dangers and how to keep your horse healthy and happy in the heat.

Be sure to check back and keep an eye on our blog, Facebook account, Twitter account and YouTube channel as we roll out our multimedia campaign that focuses on helping your animals this summer.


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