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The truth about cooling dogs down with ice cubes

Even on the cloudy days, the temperature can be a little too warm for our dogs to handle and they need a little help cooling down. There are plenty of ways to help our canine friends regulate their body temperature to avoid heatstroke and so that they can enjoy the summer in cool comfort, too.

Ice cubes are just one of the things used to cool dogs down during the summer, but there is a lot of misinformation being circulated amongst concerned owners. So, what is the truth about dogs and ice cubes?

Are ice cubes safe for dogs?

As long as your dog is healthy and isn’t currently suffering from heatstroke, ice cubes are safe for dogs to enjoy. Larger and harder pieces of ice can cause damage to teeth, so make sure to keep an eye on your dog if they’re a keen cube muncher.

Smaller pieces are best, to avoid the ice cubes from becoming a choking hazard, especially if you have a smaller dog. To be on the safe side, the cubes need to be an appropriate size for your dog or why not crush them up if you think they’re too big for your pooch?

How can ice cubes be used to cool dogs down?

Ice cubes can be placed in a dog’s water bowl to keep their water cooler for longer. Fillable toys like Kongs can be frozen with treats and water to make a long-lasting feast. Otherwise, they can be given as little, melting treats that are bound to keep your dog entertained and cool!

Are there any other ways to keep dogs cool?

You might not want to use ice all the time, so you’ll be pleased to hear that there are other ways to keep your dog cool during the warmer days. Here are just some of our top tips for cooling down your pooch:

  • Provide your pet with a damp, cool towel to lie on or use as a cooling wrap.
  • Walk them early in the morning or later in the evening.
  • Regularly groom your pet to help get rid of any excess hair.
  • Buy a doggy paddling pool so they can keep cool in the garden.
  • Freeze some apple slices or carrots to make a cooling, teeth-cleaning treat.
  • Never, ever leave your dog in a hot car.

Other things to remember

If you ever come across a post on social media about things that pose a danger to your dog, always make sure you can trace the claims back to a verified and qualified vet or pet professional. If in doubt, contact your vet to double-check the facts.

So, ice cubes are completely safe to help prevent heatstroke in dogs but should never be used as a treatment for overheated dogs. If you think your dog is suffering from heatstroke, contact your vet immediately.

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