This Morning Live 2017 | Animal Friends

This Morning Live 2017

Written by Catrin George | Friday, May 19, 2017

Yesterday the Animal Friends team, and our poodles, headed off to the National Exhibition Centre for “This Morning Live” armed with tennis balls, leaflets, hats, and iPads. We have set up home at the Pet’s Corner, and are in the middle of all the action until Sunday.

Yesterday we met Pax, the German Shepherd, on his first birthday. His floppy ears were unbelievably cute!

There are plenty of other animal friends running around, too. There’s Edward, Caesar, Natalie and Pringle to name a few. And, today we had a famous pooch amongst us, Luna the “This Morning” puppy. They are all the most well-behaved dogs, and you’re able to sponsor a pup at the Guide Dogs’ stand just next to us, to help the next generation with their training.

The atmosphere is fantastic, there’s plenty to do, see and taste! In the pet corner there’s everything our four legged friends would need, from cupcakes (pet and owner friendly), personalised accessories, bedding, and then to the “Oodles of Poodles” stall to insure your beloved animals.

We are running a competition where you could win a year’s free pet insurance with us, and all you need to do is get a quote from one of our lovely team at our stand. It only takes five minutes, and you can grab a free ball while you’re there! It really is that easy.

So, if you’re around then come and say hello to us at stand H701 and grab a limited edition Poodle hat, too. You’ll also be able to enjoy our Snapchat filter and truly be surrounded by dogs!

Don’t forget to tag us with your balls and hats! #oodlesofpoodles

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