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Top 10 £1000 Charity Giveaway

We know how hard charities work all year round, through the scalding summer sun to the colder winter months and everything in-between, so they deserve all the help they can get. As a thank you, we decided to run a competition on our Facebook page asking people to nominate their favourite, most deserving, animal rescue charity, we would then donate £1000 to the 10 most nominated charities.

Nearly 8,000 comments later we counted the votes and had our winners, all thanks to our customers and followers. Who were our winners?

Animal SOS Sri Lanka

Animal SOS Sri Lanka provides a safe-haven for sick, disabled and vulnerable street animals in Sri Lanka. As well as giving refuge to these cats and dogs they have an on-site veterinary clinic that provides lifesaving treatment and care to sick and injured animals.

On top of caring for over 1,500 and 60 cats, they operate vaccination programmes, adoption schemes and education programmes.

British Hen Welfare Trust

British Hen Welfare Trust save hens from slaughter and then find them caring homes throughout the country so that they’re able to enjoy a free-range retirement. They rescue over 50,000 hens a year and help educate consumers about caged eggs and promoting free range farming.

The Last Chance Hotel

The Last Chance Hotel is a dog rescue based in Cornwall that use a network of foster homes across the county to help rehabilitate and rehome the dogs. They help animals of any kind, but it’s usually dogs that other centres can’t take and work endlessly to make sure they find a loving home, so they can enjoy the rest of their life free from neglect and abuse.

Greyhound Gap

Greyhound Gap is a charity that actively takes in, rehabilitates and rehomes greyhounds and lurchers that would have otherwise been needlessly put to sleep. The charity rehomes around 150 dogs a year while helping with the safe placements of many other dogs by working alongside other reputable organisations.

Greenacres Rescue

Greenacres Rescue is the only all animal rescue centre in Pembrokeshire, dedicated to helping all sorts of animals in need including dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, cockerels and even rats. They believe that every animal deserves a second chance and work hard to find them a forever home.

Pennine Pen Animal Rescue

Pennine Pen Animal Rescue provides sanctuary to unwanted and abandoned animals in the Greater Manchester area. They are dedicated to the rehoming of these unfortunate animals while educating and advising the public about caring for their pets correctly.

German Shepherd Rescue Elite

German Shepherd Rescue Elite was formed with the aim of rescuing and re-homing German Shepherds Dogs that found themselves unwanted, abandoned or neglected. They help dogs throughout the UK, providing foster homes or kennels until they’re able to find appropriate homes as well as offering training and advice so that the dogs can stay in their original homes.

Hope Pastures

Hope Pastures is a charity that’s committed to rescuing, rehabilitation and rehoming horses, ponies and donkeys with loving families. They’re open 365 days of the year, providing the opportunity for people to meet the animals as well being able to educate them about animal welfare and social responsibility.

World Animal Friends

World Animal Friends is a charity dedicated to raising as much money as possible to help animals in need around the world. They help small animal shelters and individual animal rescuers by providing food, vaccinations, paying for veterinary treatment, neutering and even buying replacement kennels or shelter repairs.

Prince Fluffy Kareem

Prince Fluffy Kareem is a small charity working to help the horses, donkeys and camels working by the pyramids of Giza. They provide treatment, equipment, food, and care for the animals as well as educating the owners to better understand their animals’ needs.

While we’d love to help all the nominated charities, this time it could only be the top 10. If you’re part of a charity or know of a charity that needs some help, then don’t forget you can apply for funding from us.

Keep an eye out on our blog for more charity visits, product reviews and pet advice or head over to our Facebook page for updates on our latest campaigns and giveaways.

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