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Top 10 autumn activities with your dog

Top 10 autumn activities with your dog

With the cooler weather and crisp leaves on the floor, it’s autumn, even if the rain is trying to fool us for spring showers. Autumn brings change, cooler days and cosiness, providing loads of activities for people and their pups.

Here are our top 10 favourite autumn activities to do with your dog:

Explore autumn colours

Keep it local or explore somewhere new, and just enjoy the colours around you. This will give you a chance to enjoy the outdoors with your dog, while the days are cooler, and the backdrop is prettier.

Head to a pumpkin patch

If you need pumpkins to decorate your steps ready for the trick-or-treaters, then why not head to a dog-friendly patch and get picking? Another easy day out and all the family can join in on the fun.

Go apple picking

If you’re not a fan of Halloween, why not head to a pick-your-own farm to fill a basket to the brim with apples? These can then be used as healthy snacks, as ingredients in some autumn bakes, or to be bobbed in a bucket of water for some fun with the kids.

Enjoy an autumnal picnic

While the days are cool but not too cold, pack a picnic basket and head out to enjoy a lunch with a view. You can make some of the family’s favourite snacks, and don’t forget some doggy treats so everyone can join in on the feast.

Pitch up a tent

Whether you pitch up a tent in the garden or somewhere on your favourite walk, make the most of the autumn weather and camp out for the evening with your dog.

Build an indoor cosy fort

Who doesn’t love building forts and dens?

Take your family Christmas photo

If you have some spare time as a family, get the camera set up on a timer and capture some Christmassy snaps. These can be used as cards, keepsakes, or just funny fails depending on the outcome.

Bake some Halloween treats

One of the rainy days (and there seem to be many), why not get baking some Halloween treats for your dog? Here’s a recipe for some peanut and pumpkin balls, so you can make use of the pumpkin insides you’ve just scooped.

Start your Christmas shopping

If you haven’t already started buying some Christmas gifts for the family, then why not get a head start on things and start now? Check out some dog-friendly shops local to you and take your pooch along with you.

Enjoy some indoor activities

Nothing beats a day spent indoors, especially if the weather isn’t great. From playing hide and seek with your dog, teaching them some new tricks, to simply enjoying some cuddles on the sofa, there’s plenty to do indoor with your dog.

Whatever you get up to, remember to have fun and be wary of a few potential hazards your dog might face this autumn.

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