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Top 10 most popular breeds in the UK

There are so many different dog breeds out there, from the dogs that have been around for centuries to the newer breeds created in recent years. From the loyal lab to a clumsy cockapoo, with so many loving canines to choose from, there’s a perfect breed for everyone.

So, what are the 10 most popular dog breeds amongst pet owners in the UK?

Labrador Retriever

A firm favourite amongst families, these good-natured dogs seem to be crowned the top dogs year after year. Do they deserve their spot as number one?

A lab is often reliable, trustworthy and are social dogs by nature, so they are great around other dogs and as companions for children. They are easy to train as they’re eager to learn, especially if there’s food involved. Yes, they’re a foody breed and will eat anything that will fill their tummies, so they need to be watched around anything they’ll consider as dinner.

French Bulldog

This bat-eared dog is a popular but controversial breed. They thrive with human love, affection, and companionship as they have a strong desire to please their pet parent.

These adaptable dogs will be happy living in a flat or a house and enjoy short walks rather than longer ones. They’re not keen on being left alone, so be sure to consider their company needs before buying or rescuing a Frenchie.

Cocker Spaniel

A breed whose cheerful disposition has won the hearts of families across the country. Cocker spaniels are eager to please and quick to learn.

Because these dogs usually form strong bonds with their family, they can get quite anxious when left alone so might suit a home with other pets.

They need plenty of physical and mental stimulation, as a bored cocker spaniel is a barky cocker spaniel.


Despite its bloody past, the bulldog is a sweet companion whose loving disposition is seldom matched. They are stubborn dogs who are extremely faithful to their owners. Bulldogs might prefer to lounge on the sofa instead of heading outside so it’s important to encourage them and make sure they’re exercised every day.

English Springer Spaniel

The second spaniel on the list, English Springer Spaniels are highly trainable people-pleasers. They’re the perfect companions for active people as they need lots of daily exercises.

Their friendliness, loyalty and obedience can make them an ideal pet for families.

Golden Retriever

These balls of fluff are often pup-like even if they’re well into their golden years. Golden Retrievers need a lot of exercises, mental stimulation and grooming but this will be repaid by endless love and loyalty from your pooch.


Dachshunds are low and long but bold and smart. They make good family dogs, and their character is bound to have the young and old laughing or crying. Firmness, consistency and positive reinforcement is key to training success, especially to eliminate their bad habits from an early age.

They love food, so make sure to provide them with enough exercise and the right amount of kibble.


Pugs are clowns at heart and are full of personality. They’re happy to lounge around and love nothing more than spending some quality time with their family, whether that’s in a flat, house or farm.

It’s important that they receive enough exercise every day, but not too much as they’re not too tolerant of strenuous exercise, especially if it’s hot.

German Shepherd

Top 10 most popular breeds in the UK 1

A German Shepherd can be a well-rounded family dog, showing elements of loyalty, gentleness, and devotion. There’s no surprise that they’re one of the UK’s favourite dogs, especially as they’re big people-pleasers.

They are the heroes of many stories, as they hold many jobs within the military, police and other services.

German Shepherds like to be kept busy as their boredom could lead to destructiveness, so exercise is important.

Miniature Schnauzer

An unlikely favourite for some, but these loyal and obedient dogs who want nothing more than to bring companionship to someone who will love them.

They might need professional grooming to look after their coat, beard and moustache, which can be costly, but they’ll thank you for it.

Does your dog appear on the UK’s Top 10 Dogs? Who do you think will take the number 1 spot next year? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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