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Which Dog Breeds are Hypoallergenic?

What dogs are hypoallergenic? Five Dogs for Allergy Sufferers

As a dog lover, an allergic reaction to man’s best friend can be a huge setback in owning your own pet. However, there are certain breeds that can make someone with an allergy more comfortable.

It’s not the dog’s hair itself that causes allergic reactions, it’s the saliva, skin and other proteins. These proteins can latch onto your dog’s hair, so less shedding will be a huge help with this issue.

Here are five breeds with fur that can minimise the effect of allergies for their owners.



Labradoodles are a cross between a Poodle and Labrador retriever. These pets are a popular choice for those with allergies as they produce a minimal shed.

Very affectionate in nature, these dogs are ideal for a family home. They should be groomed once to twice a week to keep their coat in optimum shape. If the Labradoodles curly fur isn’t for you, a dog groomer can trim the coat, giving your pet a more Labrador like appearance. 


Bichon Frise

These dogs are usually referred to as ‘powder puff’ dogs, thanks to their soft silky undercoat and a coarse curly outer coat.

The Bichon Frise rarely shed, making them not only allergy friendly, but also easy to clean up after!

Providing you keep their coats groomed, Bichon Frise’s shouldn’t shower dust or dander.

These dogs are also small, coming out at around 12 inches tall and weighing only 7 to 12 pounds, making them ideal pets for smaller homes.



With their long silky fur, Maltese dogs seem to be the last breed you want if you’re suffering with an allergy.

However, daily grooming and washing can prevent any allergens clinging to your Maltese’s coat and making their way into your home. Simply wipe your pet’s fur with a damp wash cloth, adding a little soap if your dog is dirty from play.

These small dogs are also ideal for smaller homes and are highly intelligent. You can keep your Maltese’s coat short or long, but many owners enjoy a small bow on top of the head to keep fur out of their pet’s eyes.



Schnauzers come in three different sizes, miniature, standard and giant. When it comes to allergies, smaller dogs can be more suitable than larger ones, as they tend to shed less.

All Schnauzers have wiry coats that are soft to the touch. Giving your pet frequent baths and regular grooming can eliminate all allergens trapped in their coats.

Schnauzers are smart and enjoy being at the center of attention, so they’re a great fit for active families.


Italian Greyhound

Slightly smaller than a typical greyhound, these dogs shed very little, making them much easier to care for. To cut down your risk of an allergic reaction, try grooming your pet outside to keep fur around the house at a minimum.

As they have such short hair, Italian Greyhounds don’t tend to pick up too many allergens from external factors. Regular bathing should take care of anything that’s causing you discomfort.

Plus, these dogs come in at around 15 inches tall and weigh just 10 pounds, which makes bathing much more straight forward then with a larger dog!

So, as you can see, experiencing an allergic reaction to a dog doesn’t mean you can’t become a dog owner. If your allergies are extremely severe or debilitating, try one of the breeds we’ve mentioned above and you never know, hypoallergenic dogs might be the answer to all your problems!

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