How do I know my cat loves me?

Here are seven subtle signs that your cat loves you...

8th February 2024

Our feline friends are famous for being independent and, at times, aloof. So, it’s often a challenge to know exactly how they feel about us – especially when they only seem to show affection when there’s food around!

We’re sharing several subtle signs that your cat loves you, to help you recognise both the direct and indirect ways your cat can communicate their feelings…

1 – Slow blinking at you

Some say that ‘eyes are windows to the soul’ – and that statement is true of our feline friends, too! 

If you’ve ever noticed your cat staring at you while slowly closing and opening their eyes, that’s their way of letting you know they trust you. Through slow blinking, your cat is telling you that they no longer feel the need to ‘watch out’, in case you were to do something to frighten them.

To show your feline friend you love them back, you could try responding to this behaviour by slow blinking in return. 

2 – Snuggling with you while they sleep

Since sleep plays such a significant role in our cats’ lives, they only tend to choose spaces in which they feel safe to have a snooze. Should your cat choose to nap on your lap or snuggle on the sofa, that’s a sure sign they love you!

Felines are at their most vulnerable when they’re asleep, meaning they’re trusting you with their safety if they catnap close by.

3 – Rolling over to greet you

Another signal of trust is when your cat rolls over as you return home. Through exposing their tummy to you, your kitty is conveying that they’re excited you’re back and seeing you is something they’ve been looking forward to all day.

Please note: Most cats aren’t asking for a belly rub when they roll over to say ‘hello’, so it’s best not to stroke their stomach unless you know they enjoy that!

4 – Kitty kisses

Grooming their littermates when they were a kitten was your cat’s natural approach to learning about affection. Then, as they got older, licking other feline friends in their social group became something your cat would do to share their scent with those they care about. 

Although they have a rough tongue, a kitty kiss could be your cat’s chosen signal to show you how much you mean to them.  

5 – Head boops

Also known as ‘headbutting’ or ‘head bumps’, having your cat rub their head or cheek against you is another way of transferring their scent. Spreading their scent around you is like a megaphone message from your cat to others, informing the world that you are their family.

If your kitty welcomes you home with head boops, take that as their attempt to give you a great, big hug!

6 – ‘Making biscuits’

Kneading, or ‘making biscuits’, is the term used for a habit your cat picked up as a kitten, when they’d stimulate the flow of their mother’s milk. Your feline friend may knead at your knees while settled on your lap because they’re rekindling the sort of connection they once shared with their mother. 

Beware: Despite the initial charm of a cat kneading your lap, the more content they feel the deeper they’ll dig their claws in!

7 – Following you around

Whether they’re an independent character or they’re more of a clingy kitty, if you notice your feline friend follows you around, that’s a sign they adore your company.

Thanks to the special bond you have with your cat, they’re likely to want to be near you as much as possible. As unnerving as it can be to be watched so intently, the fact your cat chooses to spend time with you is a powerful sign of love.

Does your cat do something super sweet, or especially strange, to show how much they love you? If so, please share their story with us via Facebook or Instagram!

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