Product Review: myKotty Cat Scratchers

Struggling to find a cat scratcher that's functional and stylish? Then the myKotty cat scratchers might be for you. Read our review and find out!

15th March 2022

We received yet another great product to review. This time it was something for the modern cat! We received the Vigo, Lui and Toby cat scratchers from myKotty. myKotty is a Polish brand whose top priority is quality and functionality.

Our friend Claude had the privilege to test these beautiful products so let’s see what he thought of the myKotty cat scratchers!

Pet Score 5/5

As soon as we placed the scratchers on the floor Claude jumped straight onto them and got comfy! He loved them!

He was able to scratch, lie and play on the scratchers. Claude slotted himself in the gap in the Lui and instantly found a new bed.

It’s true what myKotty say, first impressions do matter most and it didn’t take more than 3 seconds for Claude to fall in love with his new toys.

Ease of Use 5/5

They just need to be slipped out of the box, and they’re ready to use. It really is that easy with these scratchers. They’re light, too, so if they need to be moved they’re quite easily done so.

The myKotty cat scratchers can be flipped, too, so they last twice as long. So that’s twice the scratches, naps and fun!

Effectiveness 5/5

The scratchers are definitely effective! They’re sturdy and durable, they’re just perfect.

Value for Money 4/5

There are three beautiful scratchers to choose from, one to suit every budget. They range from £18.95 to £49.95, but the quality remains the same in all three which is fantastic.

Design 5/5

They are beautifully designed. They’re made of corrugated cardboard and made into sleek shapes that will suit any home.

Whether your home is modern, contemporary, minimalist or traditional they will fit in and your cats will adore them.

They’re available in 4 different colours so you can find the perfect one to match your scheme. They’re stylish without losing functionality, which is so important.


These are some of the best scratchers we’ve seen that really provide cats with everything they might need.

Whether you prefer the Tobi over the Vigo, or the Vigo over the Lui, or you just want them all, we think they make great investments.

With Christmas just around the corner, they might make it onto your gift list, purely for well-behaved kitties, of course! Why not visit their website to see what other cat products they have?

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