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Payment and billing

To help you with questions you may have about paying your premiums.

You are unable to change the date of the first premium payment for your policy but you can arrange a different payment date for subsequent monthly payments.

We’ll need at least 3 working days notice before your next monthly payment is due, to be able to change the payment date.

If you’d like to change the payment date, please contact us on 0344 557 0300 or email us at

We offer annual and monthly payment plans, and do not charge extra if you want to pay monthly.

We accept payment from all major credit and debit cards, and can also accept annual payments via cheque.

Monthly payments will need to be paid via direct debit, which we can set up for you online or over the phone on 0344 557 0300.

If you are currently struggling financially due to Covid-19, we might be able to offer decreased cover levels or a payment holiday. Please call us on 0344 557 0300 to see how we can help.

If you normally pay for your insurance in one lump sum, you can switch to monthly payments at renewal at no extra cost. It takes 14 days to set up a new Direct Debit with your bank, so please ensure you contact us as soon as you receive your renewal information. If there isn’t enough time to set up the Direct Debit, you will have to pay the first month by credit or debit card. We can only take this payment from you over the phone.

Your first payment will be taken around 14 days after you take out the policy.

All future payments will coincide with the anniversary date of your policy. Please note this means that in your first policy month you may have two payments debited.

You are unable to change your first payment date but if you’d like to arrange a different payment date, please contact us on 0344 557 0300 or email us at