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Payment and billing

To help you with questions you may have about paying your premiums.

You are unable to change the date of the first premium payment for your policy but you can arrange a different payment date for subsequent monthly payments.

We’ll need at least 3 working days notice before your next monthly payment is due, to be able to change the payment date.

If you’d like to change the payment date, please contact us on 0344 557 0300 or email us at

If you pay for your policy by monthly Direct Debit and have missed a payment or have an outstanding balance, you can pay through your online Animal Friends account under the ‘Payments’ tab.

Your first payment will be taken around 14 days after you take out the policy.

All future payments will coincide with the anniversary date of your policy. Please note this means that in your first policy month you may have two payments debited.

You are unable to change your first payment date but if you’d like to arrange a different payment date, please contact us on 0344 557 0300 or email us at

You can pay your premiums annually or monthly. This can be set up during your purchase journey online or over the phone by calling 0344 557 0300, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
We accept payment from all major credit and debit cards.
Monthly payments will need to be paid via Direct Debit - it does not cost any more if you wish to pay monthly.

We understand that this is a very difficult time financially for many but please be reassured that we are here to help.

We have some options we can explore that may help you, such as:

  • You might be able to change your cover level to reduce the cost of your policy. You’re able to decrease your cover at any point - we do not charge any fees for this. This can only be done over the phone, so please call us on 0344 557 0300.
  • We can reassess your demands and needs to ensure your product is still suitable.
  • We may be able to review your payment plans, so please call us on 0344 557 0300.

We want to make sure that you and your pet continue to have the right cover so please don’t struggle on alone, contact us to discuss the situation so we can help find the best option available for you.

Speak to a member of our friendly team on 0344 557 0300 who will be happy to chat and find you the best way forward.

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