Greyhound breed guide


Up to 27.69 inches (to shoulder)


Male and female up to 66lbs


Between 9-12 years

greyhound dog


Reportedly the fastest of all dogs, the Greyhound – believed to come from the Old English ‘grighund’ –  was first discovered in a carving, pictured capturing deer, on an Egyptian tomb over 4,000 years ago.

Throughout history, this breed has been used for hunting purposes and to chase a variety of prey as they have particularly good eyesight.

They became valued in England because of their ability to catch rabbits as food for their owners.

Greyhound racing was introduced in the USA and England in the 1920s.


Built for speed, greyhounds feature long lean legs and have streamlined bodies. They have a long and narrow head, powerful muzzle and strong teeth. They carry their tails low and curved slightly upward.

Their short hair is firm, smooth and very easy to maintain, coming in around 30 different colours, including shades of white, fawn, black and red.


Greyhounds need to be socialised early with other dogs as they can be timid at first. Once they get to know you, they form close bonds but can be very aloof around strangers. They are not known to bark excessively.

Contrary to popular belief, Greyhounds are not aggressive or hyperactive. Adult greyhounds actually prefer quiet, calm places to live as they sleep for around 18 hours per day. They make wonderful pets and enjoy the company of humans and other animals – even cats.

Things to watch out for

Greyhounds must live indoors as they are very sensitive to the cold weather as they have very little fat. They also need adequate soft bedding as their lean physique does not allow them to comfortably sleep on the floor.

Greyhounds can be prone to bloating so should be fed smaller meals several times a day rather than one big meal.

Is a Greyhound good for me?

If you’re looking for a calm, gentle and pleasant companion, the Greyhound would be the perfect choice of dog for you. Despite being known for racing, they actually enjoy a long, pleasant stroll.

Allergic to dog hair? Greyhounds have no undercoats which makes them less likely to trigger an allergy in its owners.

They are loyal and would suit a family who can offer them daily exercise and chances to snuggle up.

Did you know?

Greyhounds are so fast, they have been clocked running at top speeds of 43 miles per hour.

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