Dog poisons

Transcript from the video

I’m going to run through some of the most common poisons we hear back on but it’s really important that you do your own research and check your own knowledge regularly as well. So, slug pellets and snail pellets are some of the most common ones.

Anti-inflammatory drugs Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for humans, ibuprofen and diclofenac are also really common.

Anti-freeze and salt grit when the roads are gritted, dogs walking in that and then licking their paws afterwards.

Currants raisins, sultanas, grapes that all lead to renal failure with our dogs.

Chocolate has got theobromine in which is a toxic substance for dogs. The darker the chocolate, the more theobromines in it but even white chocolate has got theobromine in. So, any human chocolate consumed by your dog you’ll need to seek veterinary advice.

Rat poisons - there are different grades of rat poison but you’re not going to know what sort of poison it is. So, if you have any suspicion that your dog has had rat poison or if it has had a rat that could have had rat poison then you must seek veterinary advice about that.

Xylitol is a sugar replacement it’s a sweetener that can be found in a lot of diabetic products, it can also be found in some peanut butters but not all. I would also keep an eye out for palm oil and make sure you’re not using one that’s got palm oil as that can be harmful. Making sure that you check the ingredients and that you’re not giving your dog any toxins without realising it.

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